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  • Austin, TX // Residential


In the heart of a dense metropolis, landscape architecture improves the livability of the urban environment and serves as an impetus to reconnect a one-acre lot to its homestead past while readying it for the future.


The original property was part of a 1,200 acre homestead. As time passed, homes replaced farms and the house found itself on a one-acre tract in the middle of a central neighborhood close to downtown. Surrounded by older homes, multi-family complexes and urban development, the large site is a marker of old Austin and provides an opportunity to bridge the past and the rapidly changing environment. The final design intertwines the client’s program goals with the site’s opportunity, creating an array of experiences and typologies where the landscape speaks both to the past and the future.


Given Austin’s expanding population, growth pressures and diminishing green space in the region, the site design must not only reflect on the past but acknowledge a challenging future. As our mature and vulnerable trees die they will be replaced with a diverse mix of climate-ready species.

  • OVERVIEW: landscape acts as the storyteller and connector between the 19th and the 21st century
  • ARCHITECT: Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
  • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Shademaker Studio
  • BUILDER: Pilgrim Building Co.
  • SIZE: 1.3 acres