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  • AUSTIN, TX // Residential


A long, narrow lot surrounded by neighboring live oak trees prescribes the footprint of Matt Garcia Design’s multigenerational home on Bickler Road. Strategic grading and careful attention to the critical root zone of each tree prescribes the unusually deep front garden. Shademaker Studio celebrates the layered oak canopy with a dense mix of understory Fern, Mahonia and Cycads. The result is a celebration of dynamic dappled light.


The site contains a controlled landscape palette of natural limestone, gravel, raw steel and low maintenance plant material. Structured elements are kept to a minimum in the garden, but where required, create an inconspicuous thread which ties the form back to the architecture. These small but controlled responses offer a calmness and Zen-like experience.


A minimal limestone block wall is an economical solution to control drainage and creates transition to the upper sloped garden of existing fruit trees. Additional plantings of edible herbs, perennials and trees fill the sun-filled slope where the whole family can forage and garden together.

  • OVERVIEW: Austin Zen
  • ARCHITECT: Matt Garcia Design
  • LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Shademaker Studio
  • BUILDER: Spencer Landscaping Co.
  • SIZE: 10,716 SF
  • COMPLETION DATE: Under Construction